Just really, really good”

— Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6 Music)


James Andrews is a London based songwriter and alt-rocker. Having spent the best part of fifteen years focusing on a delicate and introverted approach to making music, he felt that for this record - it was time to stomp some pedals. Lyrically, the album is about redemption and regrowth. The cycles of life, the birth and death or everything, and the regeneration of all things, “So the small things then” - he jokes. "A lot of my songs are about suffering and the fragilities of life, but I realised that this collection of songs contain a message of optimism – about the nature of change and how tomorrow is always another day. A kind of ode to the yin and yang of existence, I guess.” His new record '…And Then The Light Went Out' is an LP to get lost inside. At almost an hour’s length. It is an outpouring of emotion, diving from scratchy and crunchy guitars to tender breakdowns with powerfully melodic vocals and wistful, wonderment-filled lyrics. The record is out now.

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Images by Karoliina Partanen (http://www.annakaroliina.com)

Images by Karoliina Partanen (http://www.annakaroliina.com)